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Application Modernization

Modern Web Architecture Solutions

Enhancements During Modernization

The Metex application modernization process uses a sophisticated set of automated tools and professional services to transform client server applications into modern 3-tier web-enabled Java or .NET architectures.

Extend, transform and modernize critical applications using latest technologies while preserving your software assets:

  • Maximize ROI, minimize costs
  • Reduce risk by working with a proven vendor
  • Re-use trusted assets
  • Retain competitive advantage
  • Modernize data access
  • Mobile & web enablement
  • Application re-engineering
  • Code Consolidation and re-use

Success Stories

Application Modernization Service
Allianz Insurance successfully transforms insurance system from PowerBuilder to Java using the Metex Modernization Solution.

Metex Modernization Services
The Bank of Montreal successfully converts critical risk assessment application from Visual Basic 6 to .NET using Metex modernization services.

Modernization Application Services
The Texas Computer Cooperative / ESC-20 successfully migrates Student Administration System from PowerBuilder to Java using Metex Modernization Services.

Website Modernization Services
MortgageFlex successfully migrates its flagship LoanQuest mortgage and loan origination system from Centura to .Net using the Metex Modernization Solution.

Legacy Application Modernization
Metex was selected to modernize a critical PowerBuilder application to .NET for Pacific National, Australia’s largest private rail business

The Client Server
Modernization Leader

As the leader of client server modernization solutions, Metex utilizes automated tools, expertise and domain knowledge for the successful modernization of its customers’ legacy client server applications and databases.

The Metex modernization processes and technologies have been developed and refined over the previous 14 years and validated on over 100 million lines of legacy application source code. Metex unique combination of a suite of automated tools and specialized professional services minimizes project risk while offering code quality comparable to a manual re-write, at a faster speed and more favourable cost.

Application Modernization Solutions

Application Modernization Services

Metex Modernization Solution

Client Application Modernization


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