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Metex joins Microsoft’s Platform Modernization Alliance

26 September, 2012

Alliance combines Metex’s Modernization Technology with MS leading technology platform.

Toronto, September 26th 2012

Metex, the leader in client server application modernization, announced it has been invited by Microsoft to join the Platform Modernization Alliance. This initiative will bring together Microsoft’s strong expertise to deliver innovative technology platforms and Metex’s substantial expertise in application modernization, database migration and automated test case creation.

"The goal is to enable enterprises to transform their mission critical business applications running on legacy environments to a reliable and scalable Microsoft .Net and SQL Server based environment in a short time-frame." , says Linda Montgomery, Sales & Marketing Director at Metex. "Obviously there are many companies running on expensive mainframes or with legacy databases. With the tools and process of Metex, companies can start taking advantage of the capabilities of modern web based solutions."

"We significantly reduce the risk of continuity breaches and budgetary issues by providing legacy renovation solutions with fixed prices and timing guarantees", comments David Dai, CEO at Metex.

"While we already have a track record of many successful application modernizations as well numerous database migrations, we will now be even better positioned to modernize applications and leverage on the opportunities that Microsoft’s innovative platform offers."

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Metex made a strategic decision to enter the client server modernization business with a commitment to deliver maximum value through one key objective:

Develop a suite of advanced automated tools that will minimize project completion time and improve productivity without compromising application code quality.



Metex has invested over 152 man years of development into its automated modernization tools. This effort has produced the most advanced suite of application modernization technologies in the legacy modernization industry.

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