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Metex is Now Qualified for Legacy Support and Transition SBIPS

Metex Inc. is now authorized in the Federal Government for a domain for Solution-Based Informatics Professional Services (SBIPS): Legacy Support and Transition.

"Solutions-Based Informatics Professional Services (SBIPS) is a method of supply comprising of services and, in certain situations, essential goods, whereby a supplier defines and provides a solution to a requirement, manages the overall requirement, phase or project and accepts responsibility for the outcome".

Legacy Support and Transition is defined as the support, maintenance and enhancement of the legacy computing environment and the transition of legacy applications to more advanced technologies.

"Being qualified for Legacy Support and Transition SBIPS is a confirmation of our ability to support the Federal Government in the critical plans for technology upgrades," said David Dai, CEO of Metex Inc. "We understand the importance of the initiatives selected by the Federal Government to secure

Canadian advanced technology, and Metex is positioned to support key initiatives in application modernization."

Metex successfully provides services to Canadian Provincial and Federal Governments, demonstrating the highest levels of commitment and quality.

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Metex made a strategic decision to enter the client server modernization business with a commitment to deliver maximum value through one key objective:

Develop a suite of advanced automated tools that will minimize project completion time and improve productivity without compromising application code quality.



Metex has invested over 152 man years of development into its automated modernization tools. This effort has produced the most advanced suite of application modernization technologies in the legacy modernization industry.

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